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If you are interested in making an application to adopt one of our pets, or have questions about their personality or how they will fit into your family, please read the notes on our Adoption Process and complete the online form. 

Please note, in line with Sunshine Coast Council guidelines, all 4 Paws cats are to be kept as 100% indoor cats unless supervised in a secure outdoor run, ensuring that they are contained to your property at all times.


To read about the experiences of those who have already adopted see our Happily Ever After Stories

Soya; male, 3 yrs, Ragdoll x
Soya is a huge character kitty who will make you smile time and time again.
He's chatty at meal times, loves to be near you.....lying on whatever you're working on!
He loves a scratch under the chin and enjoys having his beautiful long coat brushed.
Best suited to a quiet household without children, he loves a quiet life.

Adoption $140
Bobby, Leo and Pepper
Three adorable little kittens now looking for their very own family.

2 boys (Bobby and Leo and 1 girl, Pepper).

Born middle of November, these darlings were found on the side of the round.

They are growing up to be healthy, fun loving little explorers.

We are seeking indoor Forever Homes for these babies.

Adoption fee $195 each
Sox; male, born 2009
Sox is an indoor cat that would benefit from a home with a secure enclosure as he loves laying in the garden.

He is a lap cat, happy to watch TV and likes being picked up for short cuddles. He's an affectionate guy.

Sox can be a little shy to begin with, but once he warms to you (a good scratch under the chin always works), he is lovely.

Best suited to a home with adults only.

Adoption $140
Puss Puss; male, Ragdoll, 2 years
Puss Puss is a very handsome young man, his beautiful long fur ill require regular brushing to keep him comfortable.

He's a lovely friendly boy that is happy to have a cay loving dog as a friend however he doesn't like to live with other cats.

Puss Puss is really playful so a family that can keep him entertained with games and preferably an outdoor enclosure so he can enjoy some fresh air safely would be perfect for him.

Adoption $195
Lolly, 8 years, Female, Tonkinese x
Lolly is a friendly puss and will purr as soon as she is stroked.

Lolly needs a home with no other pets.

Lolly is not a lap cat, she's not keen on being picked up and cuddled but is more than happy to sit on the lounge with you to watch TV.

She's a pretty girl that deserves a loving family.

Adoption $140
Carlos; male, born September 2015
A very handsome grey cat, Carlos is a cool character.

He's not a lap cat however he does enjoy being brushed and petted.

Karlos is an active, playful, young man who needs a family with older children who will give him the attention he needs.

He enjoy time outside, sunning himself, so he'd really appreciate an enclosed garden run.

Adoption $140
Aurelia; female, 1 year old
Aurelia is a very pretty tortie girl, much loved by her elderly owner who has now entered nursing care.

Aurelia is a lively young puss who is very inquisitive. She likes to play with and chase everything.

She's not really a lapcat, preferring to play rather than snuggle although she does like to be close to you.

Adoption $140
Dexter; male, born December 2016
Abandoned in a Pound, life for kitten Dexter and his mother looked rough....

Rescued by a local group, aided by 4 Paws this lovely little family was given a second chance.

We are looking for a quiet indoor home with older children who can play with Dexter, he is adventurous and loves a game.

Dexter is very intelligent, he's even learned to sit and wait for food on command!

Adoption fee $140
Jasmine; female, born June 2003
Jasmine is a beautiful older lady. She is friendly and gentle and has been a much loved pet.
Best suited to a family without dogs or children Jasmine is in need of a Forever Home.
Her beautiful fur may require brushing to stay in tip top condition.
She enjoys time outside in the fresh air so a home with a secure outdoor run or veranda would be perfect for her.
Adoption $140
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