Sponsor a 4 Paws Permanent Resident

4 Paws Permanent Residents are pets that will remain in our care forever. They were abandoned or surrendered with serious health concerns or are pets in their twilight years. 

These very special friends will never be available for adoption. Instead, they will remain as 4 Paws Permanent Residents until the end of their days. 

These are the animals that many other groups and shelters would have given up on.

They are cared for by very special, experienced Foster Carers where they will live out their twilight years with love and in comfort and will receive the very best veterinary care.

Each pet has costs associated with their care and they often receive daily medicine and have regular visits to the vet. In order to meet these costs we are asking businesses, social clubs, sports groups, schools and pet-loving individuals to sponsor one of these very special animals.

"New Home, New Life" is the promise we gave to these special-needs ladies and gents. 

Remember, these animals have often been faithful, loving companions to someone before they arrived at 4 Paws.

Many of them have lost their elderly owners and they deserve to feel love and companionship again.

Each pet below has a monthly sponsorship amount required. If the Permanent Foster Carer provides flea/worm treatments and food, as sometimes happens, sponsorship funds are used for veterinary care and annual vaccinations.


In return for your monthly sponsorship commitment, we will provide a framed photo of your Sponsor Pet for you to display, our quarterly newsletter, a Christmas Card and the opportunity to meet the animal that you are helping to care for.

We will also display your company logo or personal message alongside the animal on our website and Facebook page.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

For more information about Sponsoring a Permanent Resident please Contact Us



Miss Piggy came into our care severely overweight at around 14 kilograms - double the weight of a healthy Pug.

She had a cleft pallet which obstructed her breathing, rotten teeth and a mass tumour on her abdomen. 

Every breath Miss Piggy took sounded like a lawnmower, she was struggling so much. Many thought she would not last the week ... but not her awesome Foster Carer and not 4 Paws.

With portion-controlled food and small daily walks on the beach, Miss Piggy started losing the weight and discovered running.

We are sure she hadn't been able to run in years ... now she runs everywhere! 

After 3 months Miss Piggy's weight dropped down enough for her to have her first surgery. She had 16 teeth removed and she pulled through like an absolute champion. 

A few weeks later she had her second surgery on her elongated pallet to help improve her breathing. This was a big operation and we were very scared that she might not pull through ... but in true Miss Piggy form, she breezed through the surgery and the recovery. 

Within the month she had her final procedure to remove the mass tumour on her abdomen to see if it was cancerous. The biopsy came back as a low grade 2 tumour and the vets were able to get clear margins around it. Fantastic news!

This poor little fat pug who could barely breathe, hardly walk, had a mouth full of rotten teeth and a tumour, is now a happy, healthy, fit, Pug weighing around 9 kilograms.

 Now she runs everywhere and even swims in her paddle pool. 

Miss Piggy munches down chicken necks with her few remaining teeth. She can jump on all the couches and even up into the car. She is our little superstar.

Miss Piggy will remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident with her devoted carer who has put so much effort and love into helping her.

Miss Piggy is generously sponsored by the staff at The Insight Company

Ricky came to us just before Christmas 2017, a little on the heavy side, unsure about what was happening after having to leave his mum, but still smiling.

From the very beginning Ricky’s “chilled” nature was evident. He arrived at our foster home calmly observing his environment and immediately tolerating his new effervescent foster sister. 

After a very short time Ricky has become a much loved part of his foster family. He and his foster sister Ashy are now a pigeon pair, who seem like they have always been together.

The noticeable improvement in Ricky’s health due to his new active lifestyle and care from Nicklin Way Vets is seeing Ricky flourish into a gorgeous little man who has been given a second chance at life.

Ricky’s favourite things are his daily walks, swims in the river, resting on the top of the lounge and playing tug'o'war with his fluffy toy bone.

Ricky is one of the most sweet, loyal and happy little dogs we have ever had the pleasure of knowing

Ricky will remain with his carers as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident so that we can continue to monitor his health.

Ricky's required monthly sponsorship is $40  - Contact us if you'd like to sponsor him.

 Gus Gus, unbelievably this handsome chap found himself unclaimed at the Pound at the grand old age of 15.


We settled him into an amazing foster family and started his "second chance" at life.

Gus Gus waited patiently for a Forever Family to want him but the perfect family hasn't appeared.

Gus Gus is now over 16 years old, he's really affectionate and very much adored by his foster family - we believe this old gentleman deserves the love and he'll now remain with the carers as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident.

Gus Gus is sponsored on behalf of Odie and the team at The Resort Club

Resort Club logo.png

Bella is a Jack Russell Terrier, she's 13 years old

When Bella arrived into our care she was morbidly obese and had an un-diagnosed thyroid condition.

She's slowly been loosing weight and enjoying her daily walks where she loves to stop for a good sniff at any given opportunity.

She now receives a daily tablet to manage her thyroid condition and has also recently been diagnosed with a mast cell tumour that is currently being monitored closely due to her weight and the risks involved with surgery.

Bella is an easy going dog that loves everyone that she meets and has many doggy friends too.

Bella will remain in our care as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident to ensure she can receive the treatment that she requires.

Bella is generously sponsored by Barb Devine

Ringo is a dear, tiny, male Fox Terrier, born in 2010

Little Ringo was found in a rubbish bin in a terrible condition. 

Despite a tragic and cruel history, this little man has nothing but love for everyone around him. 

Ringo bonds very quickly to people and is playful and friendly towards other dogs. 

He is a laid-back, gentle little bloke. Ringo walks well on the lead and rarely barks. He is not a lap dog but he does enjoy being patted and talked to. 

Ringo is content to lie on the floor and watch TV with his favourite person close by. He is an indoor/outdoor dog. 

Ringo has beaten the odds a few times in his life and we have never met a dog more deserving of a break.

Ringo has a medical condition which is managed by daily medication, which he takes readily, especially if he is offered a small treat. 

He will remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident so that we can ensure our promise to him of making him feel safe, well cared for and loved will be kept. 

Ringo is generously sponsored by The Hannon Family.

It's official........Zora may well be the friendliest cat we've ever met!

Lovely Zora was left unclaimed at the Pound, she was in a bad way with a large tumor on her head. Our vets estimate Zora to be around 12 years old.

4 Paws stepped up for this older lady and whisked her into care. Her tumor was removed and she settled into life at our cattery. 

Zora gets along with the other cats and is loving the cuddles from our volunteers. 
She is so keen to be close to you that it was pretty tough asking her to sit still for her photo shoot!

Zora will now enjoy her retirement years. She's loving the good food and companionship and will remain in our care as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident.

Zora is generously sponsored by Matt & Kristal Ball

Nelly is a 13 year old terrier cross.

When Nelly arrived in our care she was in so much pain, over 90% of her teeth had to be removed and she had badly infected gums.

The pain didn't dampen this little one's spirit though, she is a perfect little lady......full of love. She's a tiny little dog but with so much personality!

As Nellie is in her retirement years she will remain with us as a 4 Paws permanent Resident so that we can be sure she'll have a wonderful life.

We've settled her with a wonderful carer and Nelly is thriving. She's loving her good food, cuddles and family life now.

Nelly is generously sponsored by Barb Devine

Muffin is a sweet natured, adorable, 5-year-old Maltese cross.

This gorgeous little girl is very outgoing and playful. She adores cuddles and sitting on your knee.


Muffin is so cute. She gently tilts her head to one side when you talk to her as if she is listening to everything you say.

Little Muffin has a sore back and is still receiving treatment. She also suffers from dry eye and has extremely sensitive skin.

With this in mind, Muffin will remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident to ensure that she can be monitored and will receive the very best vet care in order to keep her comfortable and happy.

Muffin is generously sponsored by Ann Page and her dog Missy (pictured).

Forrest (pictured bottom) and Ella met in very sad circumstances.

A couple of years ago Forrest was discovered roaming in the Buderim Forest, he was in a terrible state and close to death.

Just one day later Ella was discovered in the Beerwah Forest near to the bodies of two deceased litter mates.

Ella was terrified and cried constantly; she could hardly bear to be touched. Forrest was fairing a little better, however he needed to have his eye removed.

Whilst receiving treatment from our vet a kind hearted nurse introduced the two dogs and an immediate bond was formed. Ella settled and began to trust again. 

We estimate that Ella is aged around 5 years and Forrest around 13 years.

Forrest & Ella now live together with a dedicated carer who adores them. They enjoy daily walks, plenty of cuddles and good food. Ella is still a little weary of strangers however Forrest is a very cheery chap.

They will remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident so that we can ensure they gets the love and care that they deserve after such a rough start in life – sponsorship helps us to keep our promise to them.

Forrest & Ella are generously sponsored by Garry Cant


Little Monty's stern appearance and very suspicious nature belies what a lovely boy this 8-year-old chihuahua can be if he is just given the time.

He thrives on routine and stability but, unfortunately, whatever has happened in his life has left him unable to cope with surprises (such as a pat when he is not expecting it!) or other incursions into his personal space. 


Visitors, and especially children, are not welcome in Monty's world as it takes him a long time to trust someone. But, once he does, he really is quite a sweetie who craves affection and loves to curl up next to you or in a pile of pillows. It took his former and current carers each about six weeks to gain his confidence and find the true, loving Monty inside.


Monty loves his strolls (preferably the exact same route!) but having been diagnosed with a "dicky ticker" and "dodgy knees" he can sometimes struggle after a short distance. He also can get quite suspicious or fearful of anything new or different along the way, at which point he will freeze and refuse to go any further. 


Unfortunately for Monty, dear as he can be given the chance, his need for understanding, patience and regular veterinary care has made it difficult to find an adoptive family. He will now remain with 4 Paws as a Permanent Resident.

Monty is generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Gavenny arrived at 4 Paws with his best friend and sister Abba.

Named after the Welsh towns loved by their owner, Abba & Gavenny are 10 year old Moodles

This brother & sister duo were adored by their owner yet ill health meant he could no longer care for them.

Gavenny loves to play with toys and Abba is a real snuggle pot.

They love a daily walk and are friendly to other dogs.

We have been searching for the perfect adoptive family for this lovely pair however Gavenny has recently started to have seizures.

In an attempt to keep them together Gavenny will remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident and will live with whoever adopts Abba. 4 Paws will then take care of his medical treatment for the seizures to ensure he receives all the care that he needs.

Gavenny is generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Wookie, a tiny Yorkshire Terrier x weighing in at just under 3 kg.

When this little guy first came into care he was in terrible condition. He suffered from untreated dry eye, numerous skin conditions that had resulting in ulcers and sores, his mouth was full of rotten teeth and he had a heart murmur.
His little tail never stopped wagging though!

Now, with eye medication and twice weekly medicated baths he's much more comfortable. A big dental procedure was also undertaken to remove many of his teeth.

Given Wookie's tough start in life he will remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident so that we can ensure he receives the very best care and we can monitor his heart.

Wookie has now settled into the home of a fabulous carer. He's quite the character and is definitely a tiny boss in the house.


Wookie is generously sponsored by Keyline Realty


Anna's story - as told by her foster carer.........


"4 Paws rescued a motherless Anna from the Pound when she was just a few weeks old. She was adopted and placed in a loving home where she lived for 3 years. A change in the family circumstances meant that Anna found herself back with 4 Paws.

The first day I fostered Anna we were both confused, I thought I was fostering a cat and Anna acted like a meerkat! Then one day, she collapsed and couldn't hold her head up - this was the first of many trips to the vet.


After a three week stay in the vet hospital Anna returned home, she was skinny and shaven and had been diagnosed with a nasty stomach virus and hypokalaemia. Down to just 2.8kg, she was eating only wet food then refusing to eat at all.


Months later, after a slow recovery, with the aid of 4 huge potassium tablets plus other medications Anna is still a fussy eater but is able to hold her head up long eough to supervise my craft hobbies.


Today, Anna loves lounging around. She has gained weight, her favourite food is Proplan beef and carrot. Anna is still on bulk medication and requires regular trips to the vets, blood tests and constant monitoring yet she is happy.


Anna is tough girl and true survivor."


Thanks to her foster carers dedication we are able to keep our promise to Anna in providing a loving home for her. She will remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident.

Anna is generously sponsored by Pauline Smith & Ted Sharpe

Toby is a Shih-Tzu Cross, he is nearly 19 years old now.

He was surrendered to 4 Paws in need of some love and a family that would cherish him in his retirement years.

He has been micro-chipped, vaccinated, groomed, vet checked and will receive a full dental treatment.

Little Toby is fit and healthy for an older gentleman and he likes the quiet life.

He deserves the love of a family so that he is comfortable and secure in his retirement years, with this in mind we have settled Toby with a carer so that he can remain as a 4 Paws Permenant Resident.

Toby is friendly to other small dogs, he loves to potter around the house and likes time outside in the sunshine. He likes a gentle daily walk and lots of cuddles.

A loving family is so important to Toby as he adores company. As a Permanent Resident he will receive all the love and care that he truly deserves.

Toby is generously sponsored by Tony Barclay (pictured) and his dogs Clay & Charlie

Dolly is a Maltese Cross, She's an older lady, now around 11 years old.

This darling little girl is vision impaired, she has settled in so well with her carers and their furry family that she will remain with 4 Paws as a Permanent Resident. As her vision fades she'll remain secure in this familiar environment.

Dolly is a real little princess who deserves nothing but love in her golden years. She definitely receive plenty of that as her carers adore her. 


Whilst Dolly's vision is low it doesn't stop her loving life, she really enjoys her daily walk, good food and cuddle time.

Dolly is generously sponsored by David Cooper & Naomi McQueen

ZEUS is a male, born approx January 2002

He is a very homely cat that loves attention and to be surrounded by the family. Having said that, he is not a lap cat. He does like to be picked up and will almost always give you a cuddle.

When Zues was living with our other cats he would get unsettled when new cats arrived and the routine changed. He is very sensitive and doesn't like change. The stress caused him to become prone to having crystals in his urine and he suffered with UTI's. 

We matched Zeus to the perfect Foster home where he has settled beautifully.

He now requires a prescription diet to keep him healthy and we have decided that more change in his life would not be good for Zeus. He will remain with his carer as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident so that we can keep an eye on him and ensure that he continues to feel settled and loved.

Zeus is generously sponsored by Sue Nunn

Ollie, is a Maltese X, he's around 10 years old and weighs approx. 5.8kgs

Ollie is full of life. He loves to play with his toys and will tell you when he's ready for his daily walk. He also knows basic obedience commands. Ollie has personality plus and he is very smart.

He was surrender to 4 Paw when his owner was forced to move interstate to care for a sick family member and was unable to take Ollie along.

We have since discovered that Ollie has some sever liver issues and will remain on a medication and require monitoring for the rest of his life.

As a 4 Paws Permanent Resident he'll received the very best in vet care and the amazing care of his experienced foster family.


Ollie is generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Rebel (RIP) and Rocky (brown) are Tibetan Spaniels. 

Rebel was Rocky's dad, he was 13 years old and weighs 7.2kg. Rocky was 11 years old and weighs 7.5kg when they arrived at 4 Paws.

They were the best of mates.

They enjoyed a walk once a day and loved to be around their people, especially if that involved cuddles on the sofa

Rebel was blind in one eye and the vision in his other eye was reduced but not expected to deteriorate further. 

They were both very friendly dogs and deserved a quiet retirement. 

The boys will remain as 4 Paws Permanent Residents so that we can ensure they receive everything that they need.

Rebel was and Rocky is generously sponsored by The Stedman Family

Tia & Teako, Chi X, 12 years old

This adorable brother & sister pair are the very best of friends, they have lived together for many years. 

Ill-health of their elderly owner forced them into our care.

The pair are well-behaved and playful. They are really friendly and absolutely love cuddles.

Teako has recently had surgery to remove bladder stones and now requires a special prescription diet.

In order to keep this pair together in their retirement years they will both remain in our care as Permanent Residents, meaning that we can ensure the very best of care for them.

Tia & Teako are generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Jasper is a lovely older boy, he’s 10 years old and found himself in the Pound – unclaimed by this family he was taken in by 4 Paws.

Jasper had terribly sore eyes, he suffered from dry-eye that was left untreated.

Jasper has now been settled into an amazing foster home with experienced carers. He has eye drops twice a day and he is closely monitored.

Whilst Jasper’s vision is impaired, he finds his way around very well as he trusts his new friends.

Jasper will remain with his carers as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident and we will ensure that he receives all the care that this adorable boy deserves.

Jasper is generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Bella is an 11 year old Maltese cross. 

She arrived into the care of 4 Paws with her brother Billy. 

Their owner had to go into a nursing home and there was no one to care for these two dogs.

Bella needed a lot of care. She had badly infected skin and ears and a leg that needed surgery as she was in great pain.

Bella also had a mouth full of bad teeth that required dental surgery.

Cushing's disease was also diagnosed by our vet.

Billy on the other hand was healthy and in good condition.

The pair have now been settled into a permanent carer's family where they will remain together.

Bella is generously sponsored by Keyline Realty

Rusty is an 8 year old Terrier who has been with 4 Paws for many years.

We've attempted to match him to the perfect adoptive home, however he has a very complex character and we now feel that it would be in Rusty's best interests to allow him to remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident.

Rusty can be very fearful and anxious in new situations or around new people.

Whilst he feels confident with his carers he is a very sweet, loyal, and playful boy. 

He loves playing with soft toys and balls. He enjoys walking at the beach when it is not busy with other people and dogs. 

Rusty is a good eater and enjoys dinner times.

He has had some formal training and he knows a few commands very well. 


Rusty is generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Siam is a stunning Siamese lady, born in 2006

When Siam arrived in our care she was very stressed and even though we tried her in a  number of different homes she just wouldn't settle.....until she met her current carer. 

Siam knew where she wanted to stay and is now a much more relaxed cat. Her behaviour has improved and she is now happy and healthy.

A real lady, Siam is calm and quiet with a wonderful character. She is thoroughly enjoying her retirement years now.

Siam will remain with her carer as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident meaning we are always there for her and she has the stability that is vital to her well being.

Siam is generously sponsored by Pauline Smith & Ted Sharpe

 Cuddles is a elderly gentleman, estimated to be at least 14-15 years old.

He's a Maltese x that came to us from the Pound.
He was in appalling condition when we first met him, he had very sore skin and rotten teeth.

Cuddles also suffers from arthritis and an ongoing respiratory condition. 

Even with his health difficulties he was a calm, loving dog that really deserved a second chance at life and that's exactly what he got when 4 paws setted him in with the perfect carer. 

Cuddles is now a happy boy as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident where he will remain to ensure that we can make his retirement years his best years yet.

Cuddles is generously sponsored by Inchcolm Farms, in memory of Millie, Fergus and Dolly, "The Three Little Farm Dogs"

Libby born in April 2007 was handed in to 4 Paws after her elderly owner's bad vision turned to almost blindness and they were unable to care for her.

Libby is an older lady with lots of love to give, whilst she can be a little shy until she gets to know you she still likes to catch your attention and will initiate snuggles and cuddles when she's feeling comfortable.

Libby will remain with her carer as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident so that we can ensure that she has the twilight years that she truly deserves.

Libby is generously sponsored by Pauline Smith

Teddy, a Pomeranian gentleman.

Teddy arrived into our care in very poor condition, at 16 years old he was suffering from anaemia due to a flea infestation and he was covered in sores.

His little mouth was full of rotten teeth.

Without care, Teddy's days were numbered.

Teddy really landed on his feet through, he was placed with one of our most experienced foster carers, with vet treatment and lots of extra love his health started to improve.

Teddy now rules the roost, he may be tiny however he has a larger than life personality and is definitely the boss of his foster family.

Teddy will remain with 4 Paws as a Permanent Resident.

Teddy is generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Norman is a 10 year old Chihuahua

Norman arrived at 4 Paws with a ruptured ear drum and he was in a lot of pain. He also had severe gastro-issues meaning that he must remain on a very strict diet.

We don't know much about his history but we do know that he has real issues trusting people.

Whilst he's settled in very well with his carer and her pack now, he can still be unpredictable and reactive at times which means that he'll remain with us as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident so that he doesn't have to be moved again.

When he is feeling comfortable, Norman is a very sweet little man that deserves lots of love.

Norman is generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Suzie is a very pretty 12 year old cat.

Originally a 4 Paws kitten she was adopted when she was young and went to live with a lovely family. About 8 years ago she was reported as missing and even though all attempts were made to find her, no sightings were reported.

Fast forward to 2017 and Suzie was identified as a 4 Paws cat due to information still on her microchip! If only she could talk to explain where she'd been......
Unfortunately Suzie's adoptive family were unable to take her back.

Suzie has settled in well with her carer now and wakes her in a morning by nibbling her hair.
Suzie does enjoy human company yet she is also quite independent. She likes to claim objects such as her carers bed and the washing as it's being sorted, she also likes to help change the sheets!
As she is now an older cat with some interesting personality quirks we've decided that she'll remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident.


Suzie is generously sponsored by Jill Byrne

Holly is a beautiful 13 year old Pomeranian. 


She found herself in the Pound with her little mate Marty, a 10 year old Maltese.

Our plan was to adopt the pair of them into a wonderful new home. The perfect family was chosen however Holly became ill and a stomach disorder, requiring ongoing monitoring and medication was diagnosed.
In order for her to receive the very best care, Holly will live with her new family and Marty but will remain a 4 Paws Permanent Resident.

She's a very gentle, sweet and loving little girl. She's very much a house dog and likes the quiet life.

Holly is generously sponsored by the team at The Resort Club

Resort Club logo.png

Jasmine is a beautiful lady with gorgeous long hair, she was born in June 2003 

Sadly, she was surrendered by her owner that was moving into aged care and the lady's family would not commit to caring for Jasmine. 

It is very clear that Jasmine was well loved as she is friendly and very affectionate.

Jasmine has renal disease however is coping well with medication and a prescription diet. 

She will remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident so that we are able to monitor her condition and ensure that she receives the best of care.

Jasmine is generously sponsored by the Binney Family

Ronnie is a sweet little man, aged around 3.5 years.

When he first arrived at 4 Paws he was experiencing seizures which were very hard on him and also very difficult to witness. 
He was very quiet, spending most of the day alone.

Thankfully, he is now stable with twice daily medication.

He's also learned to trust his carers and has really opened up, he loves snuggles on the sofa and hanging with his pack.
He thoroughly enjoys exploring, digging holes and poking his nose anywhere that it will fit!

He is full of energy, he enjoys a walk on the beach and he loves to play and wrestle with his foster mate Max (also a 4 Paws Permanent Resident).

Ronnie is a special little man that will remain in our care so that we can monitor his condition and ensure that he receives all the care that he deserves.

Ronnie is generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Norman is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, he is almost 11 years old.

Surrendered by his family.

When Norman first arrived in our care our vets immediately diagnosed a heart murmur. Following an ultrasound procedure Norman was prescribed two different heart medications.

The poor man also had a mouth full of rotten teeth, once his heart condition was stabilised we were able to let him undergo a dental procedure.

Norman is now thriving, he's settled into a wonderful foster family who have other Cavaliers for Norman to play with. He loves a daily walk but his favourite thing to do is cruise in the car.

In order to monitor Norman carefully he will remain as a 4 Paws Permenant Resident.

Norman is generously sponsored by McArthur Plumbing

When Macie arrived at 4 Paws she was a very traumatised little dog. She was fearful of people and had a number of behavioural issues which would make re-homing her difficult.

We tried to find the perfect match for her for a long time before she was placed with a new foster family who immediately wanted to help her.

Here's what they say about Macie....
"I remember when she came into our lives 3 years ago, she displayed a lot of fearful aggression and would bark and snarl at anything and everything. We decided to engage the services of a dog behaviourist who told us she would never be able to do many things, including socialise with other dogs off leash. We were devastated at the thought that Macie would never be able to simply enjoy being a “dog”.

But we weren’t going to let that stop us from trying. We started taking Macie to obedience class every Saturday and eventually we took her to Wunderdogs Doggy Day-care. After a few one-on-one sessions at Wunderdogs, she passed her assessment and joined the pack. 

These days she does all the things that behaviourist said she wouldn’t, from attending Doggie Day-care with the good folks at Wunderdogs hanging with the pack and generally being an all-round team player, to enjoying daily visits to our local off leash dog beach where she enjoys playing in the waves and meeting up with her puppy pals. She has also achieved her level 1 certification at obedience and is well on her way to the level 2. 

Whilst she is still mainly a one person girl she has opened her heart to at least 3 more humans these days and has much improved."

Macie will remain with her carers as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident meaning that we will always be on hand to provide her vet care and support as she continues on her journey.

Macie is generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Ellie is a 13 year old, female, Bichon Frise

This sweet girl came to us from another rescue group that knows we specialise in older, medically-at-risk dogs.

Ellie had a large bladder stone surgically removed. She must have been in incredible pain but bounced back and recovered really well.

She's made herself at home with her carer and has settled in nicely.

Ellie will require regular monitoring and a special diet which means she will remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident so we can ensure she receives everything that she needs.

Ellie is generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Ginger & Sandy are an adorable pair of Chihuahuas.

They arrived in the care of 4 Paws after their elderly owner passed away. These much loved little dogs are the best of friends and it's very important that we keep them together.

Ginger is an 10 year old female, she has a heart murmur and some mobility issues. Ginger is not a good candidate for surgery so we are keeping her weight down and monitoring her regularly. 

Sandy is a 6 year old male, he also has a heart condition and takes medication for this.

They've settled in beautifully with a wonderful carer and will remain as 4 Paws Permanent Residents so that we can ensure they are regularly reviewed and are able to receive the care and medication that hey require into the future.

Ginger is generously sponsored by Liz Ellison

Sadly, Sandy has passed away and is no longer with us. 

Teddy is a 14 years old, male, Pomeranian x Shih-Tzu

Teddy is in his golden age and in these last few years life has really changed for him.

From the Council Pound to 4 Paws. Teddy had fur matted down to his skin, a mouth full of rotten teeth and he was very underweight.

Fast forward a few months, after settling in with his amazing foster family and Teddy is looking and feeling a million times better.

He is such a friendly, easy going chap who melts the heart of everyone he meets.

Teddy's vision is not so good now and as he ages he has picked up a few minor health issues which we'd like to keep a close eye on. Teddy will remain with his carers as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident where he'll receive all the love and care that he truly deserves.


Teddy is generously sponsored by Joanne and Gordon of 2 Finance on behalf of their pups Spike & Rosie

Sophie is a Silky Terrier, we estimate her to be between 6 and 8 years old.

Sophie was found wandering in a forest, all alone and in pretty terrible condition. Our vet tells us that it is likely she was used as a breeding dog.

She had skin infections, matted fur, rotten teeth and sore ears.

Sophie is now settled into a permenant carers home and they absolutely adore each others company.

She's feeling much more comfortable after a dental and vet care. She will continue to receive regular medicated baths to keep her skin healthy, she also receives a monthly shot and antibiotics as required.

Sophie is a gentle girl who really deserves the love that she is now receiving. She will remain in our care as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident.

Sophie is generously sponsored by Geoff Walton, in memory of Jake & Chloe.

JayJay, born in June 2008, is a typical terrier, he is full of life and loves to keep himself busy with "secret terrier business".

His best friend is Leroy, the cat - they spend all day together.

JayJay has been in our care for a few years now. When he first arrived he became very ill which resulted in the removal of his spleen. Whilst he recovered well he struggles to fight infection so we've kept a very close eye on him and  he has regular health checks.

JayJay also suffers with separation anxiety and can not be left alone. He absolutely adores his carers who have been amazing in helping him to gain confidence.
We believe he will be happiest if he remains in their care and for this reason JayJay is now a 4 Paws Permanent Resident. 

Together, with his carers we will ensure he has a wonderful life and receives the very best in care.

JayJay is generously sponsored by Keyline Realty

Ebby is a 13 year old Maltese. She came to 4 Paws in poor condition and suffering from great anxiety. 

Following a thorough vet check we discovered that Ebby also has a chronic eye condition which will require constant monitoring and medication. As Ebby is prone to eye ulcers we will be doing everything that we can to save this little girls sight. 

The world was a scary place for Ebby when she arrived into our care, she was a cranky madam    (understandably, she's been through a lot!) however, she has now blossomed under her carers love and attention....she's living the good life now.

Ebby will remain with 4 Paws as a Permenant Resident.

Ebby is generously sponsored by Geoff Walton, in memory of Jake & Chloe.

Spike is a 12 year old, male, Jack Russell


This adorable gentleman is a sensitive guy. He has some health issues including arthritis, a sensitive stomach and anxiety. 

Spike is on a special diet now which is helping to alleviate any digestive troubles and now that he's settled in with a wonderful caring family his confidence is growing and his anxiety is reducing......with time we're hoping he'll be much happier.

His conditions mean that Spike will remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident so that we can be sure that he receives all the care that he needs in his moonlight years.

Spike is generously sponsored by by the McKinlay and Van Der Pol family and their menagerie

Ray is a middle-aged Terrier mix.

This lovely boy found himself at the Pound, unloved and unclaimed.


Life seemed very scary for Ray. We settled him in with a carer who helped to build his confidence and gave him a routine.

Ray loves cuddles, he is an affectionate boy. He is also cheeky and always brings a smile to his carers face with his antics.

Even with Ray’s growing confidence he can still be very anxious so we felt if best if he remained with 4 Paws as a Permanent Resident.

A secure future is now promised to Ray.

Ray is generously sponsored by Sunco Motors

Delilah is a beautiful 12 year old Silky Terrier.


She was adored by her owner who sadly, was no longer able to care for her.

When Delilah arrived at 4 Paws she needed a dental to remove her rotten teeth and also needed assessment to diagnose a gastrointestinal condition, which is now under control with diet and medication.

Delilah's world was rocked and she experienced anxiety. We've now settled her with a carer that can provide all the love that Delilah needs and deserves.

She will remain with us as a 4 Paws Permenant Resident.

Delilah is generously sponsored by the team at The Resort Club

Peanut, a small yet mighty 9 year old Chihuahua.

Before being picked up by 4 Paws, Peanut had spent his life in a cage as a breeding dog. He had no social graces, very little training and no idea how to live in a house with a loving family.

Peanut also had alopecia, malformed hips and spine and luxating patella on both legs.

Slowly but surely we have worked with our vets to make Peanut comfortable - you should see him dashing around the house now!

His tiny stature hides a massive personality and he adores his carer. He has come such a long way from his old life.

Peanut will remain as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident s that we can ensure he continues to receive the very best care for his back.

Peanut is generously sponsored by SunCo Motors

Introducing LouLou

A delightful Maltese, LouLou was born in May 2008

This is not LouLou's visit time with 4 Paws, she came into our care a number of years ago and was quickly adopted into a loving family.
Sadly, her owner recently passed away so we welcomed her back with open arms.

LouLou is now settled with a couple of adoring carers. She follows Betty around the house, enjoys a daily walk and loves a snuggle.

LouLou likes the quiet life so now that she is settled she will remain with her carers, under our supportive umbrella as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident.

LouLou is generously sponsored by the Atkinson Family

Sally, a beautiful long haired, 14 year old lady.

Sally first came into our care in 2012 and she was adopted by a new family who adored her. Sadly, Sally's elderly owner has moved in to a care home and is no longer able to look after her best friend. Kind neighbours fed Sally before we were contacted, we welcomed her back with open arms.

At first Sally was bewildered and a little subdued as she moved in with a new carer. She has since settled in beautifully and thanks to the wonderful care of her foster mum, Sally is showing herself to be the loving, friendly cat that her owner always knew.

Since being back in our care Sally has had a full vet check where she was diagnosed with a thyroid condition that will require regular monitoring and ongoing medication.

Sally will remain with us as a 4 Paws Permanent Resident.

Sally's required monthly sponsorship is $50  - Contact us if you'd like to sponsor her.

Proudly Supported by the Sunshine Coast Council’s grants program

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