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Cats available for adoption

If you are interested in having one of our four legged furry friends as a new addition to your family then the first step is to make sure that cat adoption is for you. 


To adopt a cat, please carefully read about our adoption process and complete the application form to indicate your intention to adopt one of our rescue cats.  The form will give you the opportunity to ask questions about their personality or how they will fit into your household. 

Please note, in line with Sunshine Coast Council guidelines, all 4 Paws Animal Rescue cats are to be kept as 100% indoor cats, unless supervised in a secure outdoor run, ensuring that they are contained to your property at all times.


Our website is kept up to date with all our available cats, therefore if there are none currently available or none that suit your family then please remember you could Foster a cat or be a permanent carer.


To read about the experiences of those who have already adopted see our Happily Ever After Stories


The following cats are currently in Foster care and are seeking a permanent adoptive family, unless otherwise stated.

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