Happily Ever After Stories

People choose to adopt a pet for lots of different reasons, their experiences and expectations are all different.


Adopting a pet instead of purchasing from a breeder or pet shop saves pets lives.

If you are thinking about adding a new pet to your family, then reading the stories from some of our adoptiove families can help you make the important decision to choose ADOPTION.


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"My black shadow aka Buddy came into our lives via 4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc, just over a year ago. I had recently lost our beautiful border collie and felt I wasn't really ready for another fur baby but my sister convinced me to meet Kathy (the foster mum) and Buddy at a park.

I was a little hesitant, right up until I met Buddy - he ran up to me and jumped into my arms, gave me the biggest cuddle and he said "I'm yours"!!!!

He has been one of the best dogs I have ever had (has his moments!!) and it has been an absolute pleasure to have him in our lives.

I think these dogs understand that they have been given a second chance in life so if you are considering enriching your life with a fur baby, please call 4 Paws Animal Rescue inc"


As told by Cyndy

"Having had a Burmese previously for fifteen and a half years we knew that they had lots of character so when I was scrolling through the 4 Paws site and Benson's photo popped up, my husband had just two words "Get him!".  


We applied and were contacted by Julie to arrange a meeting with Benson at a vet's where he was temporarily housed.  


As soon as we saw him, we hoped that Julie would think us a suitable family for him and that we could take him home with us - which we did!  We were given copies of his history, vaccinations, microchip number (which Julie changed to our name), contact numbers and other relevant information.  


Benson is a young cat - just over 2 years old so he's full of mischief when he's not asleep in front of the heater in his bed (with his favourite blanket which came with him from his previous home.)


He just loves company and follows you around from room to room and he's always at the door to greet you when you come home.  


One of his favourite places is on the end of the ironing board when I'm trying to do the ironing.  He loves to chase things and will often retrieve things and carry them off to another part of the house.  


He's a lovely cat and we're so glad that we found him on 4 Paws."  


As told by Ron and Jane (Benson's servants)

"Having deciding to adopt another dog some 16 months after our last rescue dog had died, we started searching for that perfect pooch to fill the void.
We were tempted by a few but where trying to wait until a family visit had been and gone and everything in the house was normal for our new little family member.
Then we saw a picture of two dogs that needed to be adopted together in March – looking very much like two dogs we had owned before – they melted our hearts and we felt our search was over.
We phoned 4 Paws to start the adoption process and were delighted when Julie asked if we would consider fostering Sookie & Ozzie when they arrived on the coast. With the family visit still looming, we agreed and took them home with us.
We changed their names as they previous names didn’t fit their characters; Missy is very bossy and a real little miss who loves her baby (soft toy). Jack is a bit of a lad, not keen on toys himself, he takes great delight in stealing baby to tease Missy and gets a good chase in the process.
Family visit arrived, just what was the concern? Missy licked everyone to death and proved to be a wonderful ‘alarm clock’ for my brother – just put her on his bed and she licked him awake.
Jack enjoyed the sun bathing sessions and found the warmest spots to claim as his own. Both dogs enjoyed the extra company and cuddles.
Walking both dogs was a challenge from the start – they were sadly lacking manners in greeting people and their pets. 4 Paws arranged for Abby at Dog Gone Training to give us a few lessons on how to treat their antisocial behaviour. A change of collar and some stern efforts and things are getting slowly better. Still far from perfect, they have made some friends on their walks, both human and canine.
We had a very enjoyable walk on the beach last week for the first time. We discovered Missy actually likes to paddle in the sea and Jack, being a true sunbather, likes to sunbath on the sand.
We finally adopted Missy and Jack in July. Both are very healthy, excitable additions to the family.
We are very glad we could offer them a forever home together."
As told by Pam & Alistair

"In August of 2014 we were lucky enough bring home our beautiful Moodle, Lucy!


We made the decision to adopt from 4 Paws Animal Rescue because we wanted to give a loyal, loving and affectionate animal the happily ever after they deserved.


4 Paws were so helpful as they provided a loving Foster Care family for Lucy before we adopted her; and all of Lucy’s health checks and vaccinations were completed.


4 Paws also covered the costs for Lucy’s microchipping and de-sexing procedures at Nicklin Way Veterinary Surgery.


From the moment we got Lucy at four months of age, she brought so much joy into our lives.


She is an energetic, spirited and healthy dog who loves to explore.


The most rewarding part of our 4 Paws experience is knowing that we gave the most amazing dog a forever family!


We cannot wait to adopt another. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you 4 Paws!!"


As told by Melena & Michael


"After fostering 4 Paws dogs for a couple of years my children were devastated every time they left us for a new forever home so my daughter made it her mission to find our very own permanent 4 legged member of the family. 


After looking at all the refuge sites we found Wilbur through 4 Paws who we have renamed Chewy after Chewbacca! 

He was a 6mth old Pomeranian cross who is just beautiful – he is like a live teddy bear and has bonded so well with the family and our routine.  He really is the 3rd child! 

We all adore him and it’s an absolute pleasure to come home after a hard day at work to be greeted by him oozing with excitement. 

I would never consider buying a dog from a breeder or shop – not when there are so many gorgeous dogs young and old that need a safe loving home. 

The process was very straight forward with a thorough vet check before anything is final. 

The support is continual." 

As told by The Ramsay Family.


"After our last cat died at 18 ½, we endured six weeks of not having a cat.

In January 2015, I looked at the Saturday's Sunshine Coast Daily; which had photos of dogs and cats waiting to be adopted.

Two cat stood out from the others; Beejay, a tall handsome Tuxedo cat with arresting gold eyes and Smokey, a compact soft light tabby. 4 Paws wanted to find a quiet home for both.

I was hoping to adopt two cats who loved each other and could keep each other company as house cats.


I contacted 4 Paws and heard the story of Beejay and Smokey. Although these cats were fed and taken care of, the former owner had very little contact. Instead they spent most of their life hiding under the bed and only coming out at night.

We were warned that it would take time for these cats to become socialised and learn to trust us.


The first night I tried to tempt them with fresh prawns. They still do not recognise table scraps as food so they can not be corrupted with tid bits. They immediately hid under the bed and stayed there. The first night I remember their ghostly presence as they timidly explored the house.

During the early days they only came out to eat. They slept all day and ran around all night.

A month later they would grace us with their presence in the afternoon between one and three and then it was back under the bed.

Any passing car, doorbell, or strange noise would send then scurrying for cover.


I discovered that Smokey loves to roll around on wool. From the beginning, both cats loved sleeping on any hooked rug that was in progress. So I put wool blankets on the bed to entice Smokey and Beejay to sleep on top of the bed, not under the bed.


Now it has been eight months since adoption. They are confident and feel right at home.

Beejay is a wonderful jumper and loves to perch on the highest spots of the house including the top of the shower. The high tops of the kitchen cabinets is his favourite. Where Beejay jumps, Smokey follows.

Beejay enjoys wrestling more than Smokey. The loser of the bout gets a free bath.

Smokey is a very clean cat. Smokey likes to sit on the window sill and calls out to the birds. Beejay meanwhile is looking for the party which must be happening behind every close door, drawer or garage. Beejay likes the sound of his own voice. To get attention he rolls around on the floor and then stretches out to his full size. Beejay likes to find new hiding places like Houdini.


Now both cats come to me for petting. They are loving, lively and affectionate cats. I will always be greateful to 4 Paws for giving us two wonderful feline companions."

As told by by Stella & Wade

"We are a cat loving family and after we lost both of our boys to illness in the same year we didn’t think that we would be able to have any more. Of course, after a few months we missed having cats in the house and decided that we should take the plunge.

Having used Niklin Way Vets a lot over the years I remembered seeing 4 Paws information in the surgery and we decided to visit their website to try to find our new cats.
We knew that we wanted two cats of a similar age and type and we fell in love with Cyril and Houdini.
As we had planned a holiday we decided that it was not fair to get the cats and then leave them so we kept our fingers crossed that both boys would be still there on our return.
We then contacted 4 Paws and arranged to see Cyril and Houdini and eventually took them home.

Well, the first night was eventful as I don’t think that anyone got to sleep. The cats were obviously upset at having been placed together and they hid all day and fought for what seemed all night for a few days.

We initially thought that we had made a huge mistake but persevered, giving the cats lots of love. Now, 10 months later Cyril and Houdini have settled in.

Houdini was in foster care when we got him so he was used to physical contact. He is so soft that he has to be close to one of us at all times. Cyril, after being found and then spending 18 months at the Vets and then 4 Paws was harder to win over. It has taken a lot of patience but he has made massive progress and is now purring and allowing cuddles.

We now cannot imagine not having them. We thank 4 Paws for continuing this service and looking after cats in need of a home. I would recommend using their service if you are in the position to re-home a beautiful animal."


As told by Lisa, Paul & Mia

"This is Teddy (on the right) who we were lucky enough to adopt a few weeks ago through 4 Paws Animal Rescue.

After a few days of wondering what was going on and following everyone every time someone moved, Teddy is now settled in with his new best friend, our little old chihuahua.

He loves runs down to the beach, playing with toys and snuggling up with us on the couch. He is a lovely little boy and deserves the kind of life that our other dog has gotten used to.

We are so glad we adopted a dog from 4 Paws Animal Rescue, the process was so simple yet very thorough and we have all the info we could possibly need on Teddy's vaccinations, food and general health.

Adopting him has meant that we get a new furry family member and Teddy gets a carefree life of love, warmth and fun with us. As I write this both dogs are snuggled up next to me and are very content.

Thanks for the opportunity to have him in our lives"

As told by Helen & Tony

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