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Volunteer with us

4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc. is run entirely by a very dedicated group of volunteers.


It is thanks to the dedication and tireless efforts of volunteers that we are able to save the lives of so many animals each year. We are always looking for new volunteers to support the 4 Paws Animal Rescue Committee so that our team is able to save more abandoned animals and prepare them for Dog or Cat adoption.

Most of the volunteers for 4 Paws Animal Rescue are our Foster Carers, however not everyone is in the position to be able to apply as a carer, so there are lots of other ways that you can be involved.

If you are willing to volunteer, we will find a suitable role for you. If you have the time and commitment, then we have the role for you!

Hear what our volunteers have to say about volunteering with us.....


"I do this because all these little munchkins deserve to live their best lives possible and I find it so rewarding to be a small part of a much bigger picture. 

These little ones reward the effort put in by providing unconditional love - such a privilege for me to assist in whatever way possible"


Liz N


cat coordinator

"I've always loved animals and I've always been keen to volunteer whenever I've been able to as I believe in giving back to our community. 

It can be hard sometimes as it seems incredibly challenging to find homes for cats.

When we do find the right home though, it's incredibly heartwarming and gratifying to see one of our animals thrive in their new home and receive the love and support they deserve."

Sue N

Transport & maintenance

"Being a volunteer with 4

Paws has added a purpose in my life.

This adds to the positive impact that the 4 Paws group has in providing essential services such as medical attention, fostering and rehoming.

Just knowing that even one animal in our care can be helped makes it worthwhile.

We make a difference."

Anne C

Here are some other ways that you can help........


Do you work with a large company or have a wide network of social contacts?
We are always looking for volunteers to help advertise our fundraisers and spread the word about the animals available for adoption. Sharing our social media posts is a quick and easy way to help.


Are you sociable and enjoy meeting new people?
We run a regular weekend sausage sizzle and can always add an extra pair of hands to the rota. Or we have our monthly stall at Kawana Shopping World that sells pet products and giftware. Our other fundraisers include info and product stalls at community events.

Do you have your own reliable transport ?
You may be available to deliver and pick up dogs and cats that are being re-homed or assist carers without transport to attend vet appointments.

Are you into handicrafts?

We are looking for crafty people who could make dog coats for our foster dogs or craft items to be sold on our fundraising stall.

Are you creative?
Maybe you'd be interested in creating hamper baskets to use for raffles on special occasions such as Easter, Christmas and Valentine's day.


Are you interested in dog training?
You might be interested in taking one of our dogs to obedience classes to help prepare him or her for adoption.


Could you be on call to assist when an emergency occurs?
This may be with transport, emergency overnight animal care, etc.


Do you own a trailer or a 4WD? 
You could help us to transport equipment to and from events.

Are you handy with tools or enjoy garden maintenance?
We have two "Halfway Houses" that accommodate rescue pets in emergencies and when we run short of places in our regular foster homes. Both properties require regular maintenance.


Are you a retired professional? 
We are always looking for professionals in the areas of finance, law, marketing etc to provide us with guidance and advice.

Perhaps you are talented in the area of ideas?
We are keen to hear new ideas when it comes to fundraising.

Why volunteer?        

There is great satisfaction in knowing that you are helping to save the lives of our precious animals.You will be volunteering with people like you -  animal lovers - working towards giving our animals a "New Home - New Life". If you can only spare just a few hours a week it can make a huge difference to us and the animals in our care.

If you'd like to get involved please Contact Us

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