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Become a Permanent Carer

4 Paws Permanent Residents are pets that will remain in our care forever. They were abandoned or surrendered with serious health concerns or are pets in their twilight years. 

These very special friends will never be available for adoption. Instead, they will remain as 4 Paws Permanent Residents until the end of their days. 

These are the animals that many other groups and shelters would have given up on.

"New Home, New Life" is the promise we gave to these special-needs ladies and gents.


We rely on a fabulous team of foster carers to welcome these pets into their family and allow them to live out their twilight years with love and in comfort - the pets will stay with them permanently.

If you are considering becoming a volunteer carer we ask for a few minimum requirements:

-You must have a fully fenced secure yard especially if you foster a dog.

- If you foster a cat or kitten, then in line with the Sunshine Coast Council guidelines, all 4 Paws Animal Rescue cats are to be kept as 100% indoor cats, unless supervised in a secure outdoor run, ensuring that they are contained to your property at all times.

- If you are renting your property we will need to see written permission from your landlord or property agent that you are able to keep a pet.


- As our vet is located in Kawana, all 4 Paws Animal Rescue foster carers must live nearby on the Sunshine Coast. It would be very helpful if you have the ability to transport the foster pet to any necessary vet appointments, if not, we may be able to find another volunteer to help you.


- We prefer not to place animals into foster homes with young children as we don't always know how a pet will react.

- It is often easier for us to place a pet into a family that doesn't have lots of different pets as we may not always know an animal's history so, if you have numerous cats, dogs or birds we may not be able to match a pet.


- If chosen as a Carer and you find that you are struggling with a foster pet, then you agree to let us know. We are committed to obtaining the best outcome for both the foster carer and the foster animal.


-If you have any upcoming holidays planned please let us know in advance so that we can arrange other temporary housing.

-Permenant Carers are responsible for the basic costs of food, monthly flea and worm treatments and 4 Paws looks after all of the medication and vet care costs.

After reading the above and if you feel that you fulfill the above criteria and you can make the commitment to become a permanent carer for a cat or dog please complete our Foster Application.

A member of our Committee will assess your application and determine if we have any animals in need that would be a good match for your lifestyle and family circumstances, only short listed applicants will be contacted.

The animals below are in need of a Permanent Carer .......

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