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Why should you Foster a cat?

Prior to assisting at 4 Paws Animal Rescue, many of our volunteers had never heard of fostering an animal before. They'd always thought that an Animal Rescue charity would simply adopt out all the animals surrendered. However when they discovered the process, they thought what an excellent idea! Basically, it’s like a “safe temporary home!"

When you make the decision to add a new furry friend to the family you may feel that you’re immediately ready! Sometimes it can be different once those four-legged animals arrive home. Fostering is a unique way to show you care and make a difference, especially if you’ve never owned a cat before.

If you decide to foster a cat, it will provide a safe space, away from other cats, where they can be nurtured, given love and attention, before being adopted. In essence you are assisting the health and wellbeing of a rescue cat. What a sense of achievement!

Here is Bella, one of our beautiful cats waiting for you to take her home!

Bella is a gorgeous, friendly, smoochy 7.5 year old girl. Unfortunately, her elderly owner passed away. This girl just wants a home of her own and will repay you with lots of head bumps and love. Bella is available to foster immediately from 4 Paws Animal Rescue!

Things to consider when you foster a cat.

The Sunshine Coast Council mandates that all cats adopted or fostered from 4 Paws Animal Rescue are to be indoor cats, unless they’re in an enclosed cat run or on a harness. One of our volunteers constructed an amazing cat run for their cat, Milo, however he actually prefers his harness. Milo’s harness was extended slightly so that it gives him the ability to wander but not enough that he can jump over the fence. Harnesses are a cheap and easy way to give your cat fresh air and stimulation in your backyard. You could even take them for a walk! Yes, you can take your cat for a walk!

Foster a mature cat from 4 Paws Animal Rescue and have the vet care paid for the rest of their life.

"Hello I'm LIBBY. I am a healthy and very sassy 15 year old lady. Whilst I am mature in age, I still have a lot of life to live and will bring a lot of love to whoever gives me a home".

Given Libby's age, she's one of our permanent care animals which means she won't be adopted and her vet care will be paid for the rest of her life by 4 Paws Animal Rescue.

It’s typically harder for more mature cats to be fostered or adopted as many people prefer to adopt kittens when adding to the family. If you do however decide to foster a cat in its twilight years you could possibly save its life!

Here is a blog by Nikita Benny “How being a volunteer cat fosterer has transformed my life” Nikita is based in the UK. Please take a moment to read her heart-warming story.

What is involved when you foster a cat?

Fostering is a very worthy and very rewarding activity. The main aim is to take a rescue cat or kitten into your home until they are socialised, nourished and ready for a new life in their forever home. Depending on the cat, this may be preferable in their own surroundings not with other cats.

How do I part with a cat that I have fostered? I would want to keep every one!

It is often hard to part ways once you foster a cat, in particular with the ones who have had a difficult time prior. These cats will always stay in our hearts. Unfortunately, it's not possible to keep every cat however it is fantastic to see them go to their loving forever homes, knowing that you have assisted which results in a wonderful feeling of accomplishment.

Our longest 4 Paws Animal Rescue Resident is desperate for some love!

CELIA is a striking 7 year old tortoise shell girl and one of our longest residents here at 4 Paws Animal Rescue. It breaks our heart to see her overlooked. We’re noticing her withdraw into herself a little because she's not getting enough interaction and love that a foster home could bring. She came to 4 Paws Animal Rescue as a victim of the pandemic when her owner had a change of circumstances and could no longer keep her.

What are the benefits when you foster a cat?

There are many good reasons and benefits to fostering a cat. Since the pandemic there has been a mass shift to remote working, giving you the chance to have a great companion, share your home and foster a cat.

You will discover endless amounts of fun and entertainment whilst changing their little lives forever. You may just love cats and want to help them make the transition from being homeless to having a caring, loving home. How rewarding and enormously satisfying would that be?

To find out more about how to foster a cat or if you are interested in any of the cats featured, please click here:-

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