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Volunteer Run

A small dog sitting between a cat and a kitten

Welcome to 4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc.

Established in May 2005. 4 Paws Animal Rescue Inc provides refuge and a "New Home, New Life"  to homeless dogs and cats on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and beyond.


We are a non profit organisation run entirely by volunteers. We rely on donations from members of the public and local businesses whilst we actively find families and individuals who would like to Adopt a cat or Adopt a dog. 

Many of our animals come from Council pounds. Others have been surrendered due to lifestyle changes of their owner. Some have been rescued from cruel living conditions where they have been abused or neglected.

Our animals are cared for in the homes of our wonderful Foster Carers, or in some cases our short term cattery, until they can be responsibly rehomed to an adoptive Forever Family. If you can Foster a cat or Foster a dog the life of that animal changes for the better.


All 4 Paws animals are vet checked, micro-chipped, wormed, flea treated, de-sexed and Council registered prior to being
available for adoption.

4 Paws also has a number of special care pets that will remain with us as 4 Paws Permanent Residents rather than being available for adoption.

These elderly or special needs pets deserve the very best and we have made a promise to them to keep them safe.

4 Paws Permanent Residents require sponsorship from local businesses or individuals to help us provide the very best care for them. We need permanent carers to take these special pets into their home, click here to see the pets in need of care.

As well as re-homing our animals, we also believe that education is the key to reducing the number of unwanted companion animals. To this end, we strive to teach members of the public about responsible pet ownership by holding and attending community events.  Read our blogs on the News page that gives tips on responsible pet ownership.


It is important to us that when you have made the life changing decision to foster a cat or dog or even adopt a dog or cat that you are aware of the responsibilities that will go with that.  These beautiful animals will have already had a big change in their lives therefore it is important that their next move is a permanent, loving one.

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