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Wendy Darling
Wendy and Stardust together

4 Paws regularly takes in animals who require that extra little bit of love and care. It is now the turn of Wendy & Stardust to receive a "new home, new life". Can you help us to help them ? Here is their story.....


Two beautiful Chihuahuas, mother and daughter. Wendy and Stardust are super sweet, quiet and affectionate. 8 year old Wendy is black and tan whilst 7 year old Stardust is Lilac and fawn.

When a responsible family member saw that the girls needed help they were surrounded in to our care.

Both Wendy & Stardust come from a backyard breeding situation. They where extremely frightened when they first arrived at 4 Paws Animal Rescue as they had not been socialised with other dogs or people and were not used to the outside world. 

Upon their arrival our first step was a thorough vet check. Wendy had mammary tumours which are common in breeding, non desexed, female dogs. Wendy has undergone three surgeries so far, desexing, major dental surgery and a surgery to remove her mammary tumours.

Stardust has also been desexed and had major dental surgery which included 14 extractions.

At this stage their vet work has cost us over $8000. We feel that it is worth every cent to give these beautiful girls a fresh start in life. A life in which they can run around, be happy and enjoy their time together.

Wendy & Stardust are currently being cared for by a fabulous Foster Carer who is nursing them through their surgeries. Once they are fully recovered we would love to see them adopted and living together with a loving family. You can read more about Wendy & Stardust on our Adopt A Dog page.

In the meantime, we are asking our community of supporters to make a donation to help us with the cost of Wendy and Stardust's vet treatments.
4 Paws Animal Rescue is a 100% volunteer run organisation and all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

To make a donation please complete the DonorBox form below or head over to our Donation page to see other ways that you can make a donation.

One final thought..........when looking to add a dog to your family please think carefully about where your beautiful fur babies come from. Wendy and Stardust are the faces of backyard breeding. 

Thank you.

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