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4 Paws Animal Rescue have provided this service for the public .. our service will enable you to rehome your pet into an approved home that you have found via our Website.

Rules for advertising your pet on 4 Paws Private Adoption Page is as Follows:
  • Pet/s must be desexed

  • If your pet is desexed .. the cost will be a donation for 4 Paws
Simply send a photo and a description of your dog with your contact details and 4 Paws Animal Rescue will place the information up on the Internet.

4 Paws Animal Rescue will not be responsible for the rehoming of any pets that are Privately Adopted.

Interested persons must contact the owner directly by using the contact details listed on the ad.



We very sadly and regretfully need to rehome our lovely 8 year old girl THEMBA.

We adopted her when she was a 6 month old handful from Save a Dog Scheme in Victoria.

She was most probably mistreated and left to stray for sometime before they found her.

Themba can be afraid of strong discipline from men such as yelling and gets a bit distressed when tied up and left.

Themba is much more obedient and calm now after quite a lot of training which she loved.

She will still need a firm hand on her lead sometimes if she is not walked enough.

Now with a 3 year old .. chronic illness and living in rental accommodation.

We do not know if we will be able to take Themba when we move next away.
We feel Themba would be much happier in a home with other dogs or someone that can give her the attention and exercise she deserves to see out her senior years of which I am sure there are many more yet.

She would most probably be better suited to a home without small children. while Themba calmly tolerates our toddler dragging her around the yard by her lead .. she has reacted sharply with bared teeth a couple of times when he went near her bone or food.

They need close supervision at any rate .. Themba has a lovely gentle temperament apart from this and loves to play and has a great sense of humour.

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