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All Cats Deserve a home
All Cats Deserve a home

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Adoption Fee for Cats and Kittens are priced at $140 each.

Some Senior Pets may be priced at Managements Discretion.

All 4 Paws Kittens are Desexed .. Microchipped .. Flea and Worm Free and had their 1st Vaccination.
(Age is Applicable for Desexing .. Desexing is included in Adoption Fee .. Appointment must be kept!)

Cats for life


Adoption Fee for for all Cats and Kittens are priced at $140 each.

Some pets are priced at Managementís Discretion.

Adoption Fees ONLY cover the basic veterinary procedures as listed below;

4 Paws Kittens and Cats are all;

* Vet Checked
* Microchipped
* Desexed
* F3 Vaccinated

(at least the 1st)
* Wormed
(age applicable)

If the kitten is too young to be desexed .. the appointment is made by 4 Paws Rescue Management and paid for before you leave with your new pet .. this is included in the adoption fee.

Please be Warned

You must keep the appointment and desex your kitten on the due appointed time or action will be taken by 4 Paws Rescue Management.

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About Pammy

PAMMY is a 5 year old Domestic Medium Hair female .. she is an affectionate girl that likes being petted and brushed . . Pammy gets on well with other cats and is quite a social girl.

Adoption Fee:   $140.00


About Sylvester

SYLVESTER is a 4 years old male Tuxedo .. he is a real gentleman .. he is quiet .. gentle and calm .. Sylvester loves the company of other cats.

Sylvester would do well in a quiet household where he can spend his days lounging around and soaking up the attention that he deserves.

Sylvester particularly likes to spend his time on his cat tree where he can keep an eye on the families activities.

Adoption Fee:   $140.00


About Wilma

WILMA is a 5 year old female.

She is a sweet little girl affectionate and kind.

Wilma is a lap cat and would make a wonderful companion.

She would be happy living with another gentle cat.

Adoption Fee:   $140.00


About Benson

BENSON is an 2 year old male Burmese cat .. he is a lovely gentle boy who as with all 4 Paws cats must go to an indoor only home.

He will lie in your arms like a baby but he also has an inquisitive and playful nature .. Benson is a real cuddle pot.

Adoption Fee:   $200.00


About Lady

LADY is a 6 year old female .. she has the most beautiful ginger coat.

She really is a pretty girl .. Lady enjoys being brushed and this will help to her maintain her good looks.

Lady is also a real flirt and loves to play .. smooch and cuddle .. she is affectionate and likes to spend her time close to you.

She has lived with other cats and gets along fine with them .. Lady is a pleasure to have around and will be a lovely companion.


About Earl

EARL is a 5 year old very handsome long haired male .. he will require regular brushing to keep his coat in top condition.

Earl is a sensitive sole and prefers a quiet home .. he has lived with other cats before.
Earl requires a special diet which we can advise on to keep his gentle stomach feeling good.

Earl is a beautiful cat with an adorable nature .. if you meet him you will love him and he deserves the very best in life.


About Russell

Our lovely RUSSELL is a gorgeous 2 year old male (black and white) Tuxedo.

He is healthy affectionate and friendly .. Russell likes lying around and being indoors with the company of people.

Russell of course finds a cuddle very agreeable though he prefers to be the only cat in the house.

Russell is all ready to start a new life in a new home with a family that adores him.


About Sooky

SOOKY is a beautiful mature lady 10 years of age and is a Manx cat.

She is affectionate and friendly with people yet is quite content to sit quietly .

Sooky will come when called and is simply a little darling who would love to be your life companion.


About Chutney

This is yummy CHUTNEY .. she is a 3 year old female short haired Dark Tortoiseshell.

Chutney has a lovely nature and would love to find a home where she is excepted as a member of the family .. they must have lots of love and cuddles to give away.


About Clyde

CLYDE is his own man and is friendly to people but does not get on with other cats .. Clyde does not mind being picked up and will play and interact if given the chance


About Torrens

TORRENS is a gorgeous 5 month old male Tabby.

There is an interesting story behind this little boys short life.

Torrens was rescued in the Torres Straits and flown down to 4 Paws to save his life.

This little fellow is fun .. playful .. sweet natured and social with other cats.

Torrens is in desperate need for a loving family to call his own


About Missy

MISSY is a 6 years old female .. she is a stunning tabby with striped markings joining together into black on her back.

She is a calm friendly cat .. Missy is an independent girl and will let you know what she wants .. she does not like being picked up but Missy does like to be stroked and petted.

Missy could live with another cat as long as they are also calm and quiet .. she plays very well with toys attached to string .. she can jump high when playing .. Missy also loves all the attention.

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