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Love mends broken hearts

These are 4 Paws Animal Rescue's most Recently Adopted Animals .. 4 Paws would like to Thank You all for making one of our precious animals part of your family.

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SUZIE is an approx: 5 year old female Shih-Tzu Cross weighing 6 kilograms .. she has the sweetest nature and a loving temperament .. Suzie is so friendly and loves to make new friends.

Suzie loves to play .. she enjoys walks and has basic obedience skills she is house trained and travels well in the car .. Suzie is a well-mannered and a quiet girl that is an indoor pet who sleeps through the night.

Suzie is friendly with other dogs however she has never lived with children so a home without small children would be ideal.

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About Cooper

COOPER is a 8 1/2 year old male Labrador .. he has been around cats and is OK .. usually the cat rules and Cooper just goes along.

With certain dogs and we have found that it is mainly with dogs that are bigger than him .. he becomes defensive and will growl and bark at them .. we beleive that he feels threatened.

At Christmas he was around a Staffy .. a maltese and another medium size dog and not once did he have anything to say about them and really was not interested in them.

He loves the beach not to go for a swim but to walk along .. but he does like to swim in creeks and also loves to play soccer .. he has mainly been an outside dog but will sleep in at night.

He has become a bit of a sook in his older years .. he fears thunder/storms and would have to come in side .. he also likes to be able to see you when someone is at home.

We feel he would be a great companion for a retired couple that likes to go for walks .. in saying that he loves kids and likes to play .. he is just adorable .. does have some manners will sit for his dinner and wait for the command.

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Wonderful Wolfgang
WOLFGANG is a gorgeous 9 years old male Samoyed cross Pomeranian weighing approx: 15 kilograms .. Wolfie is very human friendly and social around other dogs .. he has also lived with a cat and horse.

He is the perfect gentleman with lovely manners and a very pleasant nature .. Wolfie knows basic obedience commands .. he is highly intelligent and eager to please.

Wolfie needs a home that will be happy to have him inside at night and house boundary fencing to keep him safe during his outside time.

He requires a daily walk to keep him entertained and a bed inside the home at night would be his greatest treat .. Wofie is toilet trained when in doors.

Wolfies favourite thing in the world is belly rubs .. he needs regular brushing and grooming to keep him in top condition .. Wolfie enjoys bath time so this is easy to include in his routine.

His coat is very dense and undergoes a regular coat change .. Wolfies new family must pay particular attention at this time .. upon arrival at 4 Paws his coat was so matted that we had no option but to clip him very short.

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Lady Jane
Lady Jane

Lady Jane

LADY JANE is a very beautiful 11 year old female Burmese.

Lady Jane is as her name says.

She is a lovely lady cat looking for a new home.

Her owner was 87 years young and been placed in a nursing home so to keep the owner at peace 4 Paws are trying to find her cat a new home.

Lady Jane is a clean cat and always been an inside pet.

She is desperately looking for a new owner to love her.

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About Missy

MISSY is a 6 year old female Lhasa Apso Cross weighing 4.8 kilograms .. she has an endearing, sweet and loving nature .. she is very happy alert and full of life .. Missy can be very entertaining to watch.

Missy is social with other dogs .. she is obedient .. loves kids and is toilet trained .. she is undergoing lead training but is a bright and alert student and is proving to be a fast learner .. she is doing well with this basic training.

Missy is an all round perfect pet and will make a great addition to her new family .. as she will need regular grooming the extra ongoing expense will need to be considered to keep her looking the way she should.

A ten year commitment must be considered when adopting a small dog of this age .. before you further your application please consider both of these requirements first.

If you believe you have what Missy is looking for .. please apply online to further your application.

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About Callie

CALLIE is an eight year old female desexed and microchipped Tortoiseshell cat.

She has medium length hair and loves to sit on your lap or on a chair near you .. although her preference seems to be for the chair.

If you put a towel on a chair or the bed she knows where you want her to sit.

Callie also walks well on a harness and lead and likes a little walk around the garden occasionally when she is outside.

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Pretty Paris

PARIS is an adorable little 5 years old Maltese Cross Bichon.

She has the sweetest nature and is such a pretty little girl.

Paris is very social with other dogs and enjoys her daily walk.

She an inside girl who is toilet trained .. loves her cuddle time.

Paris loves sitting on your lap and any attention you can give will be lapped up totally.

Through no fault of her own Paris is looking for a new forever home.

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About Brutus

BRUTUS (also know as Boris) a very handsome five year old Ragdoll Mix .. he is a very affectionate cat and he loves to follow you around the house keeping an eye on what you are doing.

Brutus will fit into most family situations as he loves attention and in particular likes to have his gorgeous coat brushed.

Being quite a large cat Brutus will sit on your lap however prefers to just be close to you .. he certainly knows when he is ready for dinner and gets vocal at mealtimes.

Brutus likes to have the last word too, quite a talker .. he is a real prince and as such would prefer a home without other cats or possibly one smaller quieter cat.

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About Sox

SOX 18 month old male Lhasa Apso Cross 4.8 kilograms .. he is a real bundle of joy and has the sweetest loving nature.

He is very playful, easy to love and a smoocher that will lap up all the cuddles and attention .. Sox is a young dog and would benefit from gentle food reward training.

As Sox is so young basic training and social skills are important at this stage and age ..he is bright alert inquisitive and within no time he will be the perfect companion for his new family.

Sox is social with other dogs, obedient, love kids and is toilet trained .. he is undergoing lead training but as he is a bright and alert student he is proving to be a fast learner and is doing well with this basic training.

Sox are all round perfect pets and will make great additions to their new family .. as Sox is a young dog a 10 plus year commitment toward his care is required.

As he will need regular grooming the extra ongoing expense will need to be considered to keep him looking the way he should.

Before you further your application please consider both of these requirements .. if you believe you have what Sox is needing please apply online to further your application.

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About Blue
I am a Purebred

BLUE is a tiny 4 kilogram 6 year old male Maltese .. he has a very loving temperament .. this darling little man has a slightly shy nature but will quickly warm to you if you are a kind gentle caring person.

He requires patience and gentle encouragement .. Blue loves to sit beside you on the chair he is happiest when he's close to you.

Blue needs to be an inside dog .. he needs to be included in his families everyday activities not neglected as this would break his little heart.

Blues Needs - Likes/Dislikes - Training - Fears...

* Social around and with other dogs

* Toilet/House trained

* Walk well on lead - Daily walking is required

* Obedient

* Child friendly

When you set eyes on Blue you will be drawn to him .. he will most definitely touch your heart as he has touched his carers .. so very sweet and easy to love.

He has so much love to share .. Blue is very sociable with other dogs .. he is toilet trained .. walks well on a lead .. travels well in the car.

A bed beside yours would be ideal if possible as Blue loves to know that you are close .. this little man really deserves the love and security gained from a family
If wish to be considered as please complete and adoption application.

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Happy Holly

HOLLY is a loyal little 3 year old female Fox Terrier Cross .. she is a very calm and gentle little girl .. Holly is oozing with affection and loves everyone.

Her favourite past time is to sit on your knee and watch T.V .. Holly will come to you with basic training .. she is an inside pet and is house trained but loves out doors to play and walk.

She socially excepts other dogs and can live with another .. Holly is generally quiet and not a barker .. she is not a fussy eater and will eat whatever she is given.

Holly is a little nervous with her new situation .. when you first meet her you can't help but fall for her genuine need to be loved and kept safe.

If you are looking for an inside companion and happy to have a bed at night beside yours please complete the 4 Paws online application to further your enquiry.

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About Molly
I am a Purebred

MOLLY is a seven year old Cocker Spaniel who is very friendly .. her best friend is her tennis ball .. Molly favourite thing to do is to roll the tennis ball into the pool and then jump in and find it.

She could do this all day long .. unfortunately her ears and eyes do not like the water much .. although she is partially blind .. Molly manages very well and loves people .. Molly loves going for walks along the beach and is happy to say hello to anyone along the way.

Adopted January 2014.

Awesome Obi

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OBI was born in 2009 .. he is 4 years old .. desexed and microchipped.

Obi is an inside pet only .. he is housetrained and a very clean young man but he does like to explore outside.

He is a a small/ medium sized White Cattle Dog Cross Staffy Obi is a bit daft and soppy but just gorgeous.

Obi is a laid back healthy cheerful boy and is happy to stay at home in the garden or house whilst family is at work or school.

He has been regularly wormed and tick/flea treated with no health issues.

We are urgently looking for a loving new home for our friend Obi.

We are moving back to the UK and we just cannot take him with us.

Obi has been with us since he was a puppy .. he is really scared of thunderstorms.

He loves our trips to the beach or going somewhere different for a long walk.
Obi has had some basic obedience training and can sit .. wait .. drop and he come to when called .. but Obi does not really get the bring back the ball thing yet.

He will come with his beds .. bowls .. food .. leads .. vet microchip records .. worm tabs and flea/ tick drops etc. Obi is really great with children ( our youngest is now 10 years old).

Obi is friendly with everybody including cats .. he is a very loyal dog who just likes to be where you are .. Obi is not a barker or a chewer or a digger .. he only barks really at the postie bike.

Do you have the right home for Obi?   Genuine enquiries only please .. we want to find the right family for our special friend .. if you think that person is you then please call us As Soon As Possible so you can come and meet us.

Adopted January 2014.

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About Flash
I am a Purebred

FLASH is a very handsome 4 year old male white Poodle who weighs 6 kilograms .. he has a very calm loving nature .. this little man is playful and very affectionate.

Flash is a real charmer .. one look at him and you cannot help but fall in love .. he is so adorable .. he is a laid back fellow happy to just go with the flow.

If you want to chill out and relax Flash will quite happily lay beside you .. resting his head on your knee .. when you are ready for some exercise he will be happy to head out for a walk too.

Flash is very social and playful with other dogs .. he shows no sign of aggression or dominance .. Flash is well mannered .. toilet trained and knows some basic obedience commands.

Poodles are highly intelligent .. so Flash would benefit from gentle food reward training and needs to be exercised every day .. he sleeps all through the night with a bed beside yours or he would love to snuggle up next to you on your bed if allowed.

Flash enjoys being bathed and groomed .. he requires daily brushing and regular grooming to keep him looking his best and feeling comfortable.

He enjoys being pampered so this should become part of his routine .. 4 Paws is seeking a permanent home where Flash will be showered with love and kindness.

Flashs new owner absolutely loves him to pieces .. adopted January 2014.

Master Henry

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HENRY is a very handsome 3 year old male Silky Cross Shih-Tzu .. he weighs approx: 8 kilograms.

He is looking for that very special home of his own with a kind and caring family that will have the time and patience to gradually gain his trust and reassure him that life is good.

Henry has a slightly shy timid and submissive nature and he needs to be introduced slowly to other dogs and people so he does not feel threatened .. given time he will gain his confidence.

Henry needs a home where there are no small children .. he is a very affectionate little man who enjoys a good tummy rub and heaps of cuddles.

He really enjoys his daily walks and loves spending time at the beach .. this little man can be slightly protective of his family.

His new family must have patience so that he can slowly build his courage and learn that you are his protector and that he will not need to take on that role anymore.
Henry has previously lived in a home with a cat .. they played together all the time and he was gentle.

He tolerates being bathed and groomed however this is not on the top of his list of favorite things to do .. Professional grooming may be required to keep Henrys coat in good condition.

Henry likes a set routine and prefers an early night .. currently Henry goes outside for his business at around 7pm then sleeps through the night indoors.

If you have experience with slightly shy dogs .. a calm and quiet household and lots of patience then please consider giving Henry a second chance.

Stacy adopted Henry in January 2014 .. Henry just loves Stacy .. you could see it written all over his little face.

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About Princess

PRINCESS is a 3 years old female Pomeranian weighing approx: 4.2 kilograms .. she has such a happy playful nature.

Her disposition is very affectionate and loving .. Princess is very social and playful with other dogs .. this gorgeous little girl will most definitely tug at your heart strings .. Princess has a stunning coat and beautiful markings.

Princess is very energetic and full of life .. she sits on command and stays when you tell her .. Princess would respond well and benefit from gentle obedience training .. she is highly intelligent and most definitely needs her daily walks.

Princess is an inside dog and wants to be part of the family .. she is a clean dog and toilet trained .. outside time is for walks .. toileting and playing .. she must have a bed beside yours at night and wants to be with you during the day around the home.

This little princess loves to be the centre of attention .. she enjoys being bathed, brushed and groomed .. Princess likes to be kept looking so beautiful and clean.

Most importantly Princess is looking for a happy permanent home .. she needs love and to be part of a family .. she is a small dog so suitable fencing to keep her safe will be required.

If you have any further questions about Princess or would like to be considered as an adoptive family for Princess you MUST please first complete the Adoption Application online and a coordinator will contact you.

Barbara has confirmed Princess is happy and has bought a wardrobe of clothes for her .. adopted January 2014.

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TALLULAH is the sweetest 1 year old female Lhasa Cross weighing 8 kilogram .. she has an endearing temperament .. some basic training is required.

Whilst in foster care this will be started .. Tallulah is a young dog and it is not too late for her to pick up on what she has missed out on.

Tallulah is toilet trained and must be an inside dog. She is looking for a lap to sit on in quiet times and a owner who is looking for a companion to have around the home.

She is in training to walk on a lead .. she is a very dog social and loves everyone .. Tallulah would love another companion dog to live in the same family home .. a 2 dog home would be suitable.

The ideal home for Tallulah would be where an owner is prepared to catch up on her last year of basic training .. someone with a lot of love to give .. keep her groomed to look as good as she does.

Tallulah would like a bed beside yours at night and her new owner of the age who can give a 15 year commitment as she needs to find her last home.

If you have any questions about a 4 Paws pet or would like to be considered as an adoptive family please complete the Adoption Application online and a coordinator will contact you

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About Bailey

BAILEY is a very handsome 7 year old male cat .. he was sadly handed in to 4 Paws when his owner moved overseas and could not find any family members to take him.

Bailey is good with most other cats and has lived with two small dogs and a Labrador .. Bailey is a great companion and will sit quietly by you on the couch while you watch T.V.

He is an inside boy and is yearning to be part of a family .. as he has been with us for nearly eighteen months .. please give this lovely boy the forever home he craves.

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About Jax

JAX is a 4 kilogram 2 year old male Silky Terrier Cross .. he had a fortunate start in life with a loving family.

Unfortunately they were unable to keep him any longer and have given him to 4 Paws to find the perfect home that he left behind.

Jax is only young and has a good 12 years to give his new family so it would only be fair 4 Paws finds a new home that can commit to the same.

This adorable little fellow is incredibly gorgeous .. he is very affectionate playful and a lap dog .. at night to sit with you and have a cuddle would be his favourite past time.

Jax is an easy going boy and can live with kids .. cats and other dogs .. Jax is a very social dog and gets along with everyone.

Most of the hard work is done as Jax is toilet trained .. sleeps all night in his bed .. she is not a fussy eater and is being trained to walk on a lead .. Jax has learnt general obedience and does not bark much unless someone is on or around your property.

Jax does not mind being groomed and will need trimming when required .. he will be a great little dog for his new home and family.

He is young with lots of energy so a daily walk will be required .. as Jax is use to living inside .. his new family must adopt him understanding this requirement .. Jax would be unhappy if let outside.

If you have any questions about a 4 Paws pet or would like to be considered as Jaxs adoptive family please complete the Adoption Application online and a coordinator will contact you

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About Baby

BABY is a pretty two year old female .. she is a very lively affectionate little lady .. still very kitten like .. she loves to play and smooch.

She has lived with other cats and gets on well with them so Baby would be very happy to share her new family with a feline friend.

Baby is very agile and likes to climb so a cushion up high would be at the top of her wish list.

Upon meeting Baby .. our volunteers have fallen in love immediately .. she has so much love to share.

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About Lou

LOU is 18 month old male Dachshund Mix that has come down to 4 paws from up North .. he is good with older children and other dogs.

He likes to cuddle and is very affectionate .. Dachshunds are inquisitive by nature so good fencing is a must .. if you are interested in Lou please fill in the application form below on line.

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